Collection: Collaboration with Kate Graves (Priscilla Chambers)!

Please enjoy this horror and Halloween themed collaboration with Kate Graves, better known as Priscilla Chambers. Kate was a contestant on season 3 of the Boulet Brothers' Dragula Drag horror competition show as well as Dragula Resurrection on Shudder. She is known for her southern horror themed drag performances as well as being a tattoo artist. We chose some of Kate's best designs that represent a wide scope of her artistry to make into festive and spine-tingling earrings. There is a pair for everyones' tastes - whether you like gory and creepy, or cute and stylized, we have a pair for you! Follow @kategravestattoo and @priscillachambers on Instagram!
All earrings are one sided and made of hard translucent plastic (not waterproof)