Virtual Yard Sale

Welcome to the virtual yard sale!

Here you will find lots of items that I am selling to clear out space and to raise funds for me to get a new car and just general living funds! I'm selling Funko Pops, dvds, a record player, movie posters, and other collectibles! Under each item, you will see the full description of the item as well as the condition and functionality of the item. The prices will be set prior to the event. To negotiate a price, you will have to send me a message through Instagram ONLY (@srmajistic). Prices $5 and lower CANNOT be negotiated and are set at that price. Items will be available for the duration of the yard sale only. Shipping is not included in the price of the item and you will be charged shipping based on the size and weight of that item (I.E. one dvd will be a different shipping price compared to the record player) (all shipping will be calculated at checkout.)